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Speech-Language Therapy

Helping People Help People

As a rehabilitation therapy professional, we understand your passion for helping people is what drives you to provide quality care. At TheraStaff LLC, we share your vision, values and priorities. The end result of our professional therapy-focused staffing services is what keeps us going: an improvement in the quality of life for all patients.

At the heart of the healthcare industry’s rehab field, you’ll find dedicated, caring professionals. Our deep respect for this segment of healthcare has fueled our passion for helping skilled nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, home care services, public schools and hospitals find outstanding physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and their respective therapy assistants.

With more than 20 years of experience in connecting talented healthcare professionals with jobs in occupational, speech and physical therapy, our professional staffing managers help therapists create success stories every day. In doing so, TheraStaff LLC has established itself as a leader in the rehabilitation staffing industry.

Placement Services That Fit Your Needs

Healthcare professionals in all stages of their careers in physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation therapy discover that working with TheraStaff LLC has many advantages. We’re contracted with the nation’s leading healthcare institutions as well as top-notch regional and local facilities to bring you employment opportunities that offer a variety of settings, additional shifts for added income and the flexibility of having control of how much you’d like to work and where.

Our healthcare employment services include:

  • Per diem work (by the shift)
  • Long-term and short-term contract work
  • Contract-to-hire work
  • Direct-hire placement
  • Out-of-state and travel assignments
We Get You to Where You Want to Go, Faster

Friendly, efficient, professional – this is what TheraStaff LLC is all about. We understand your time is valuable and that you deserve the same dedication and care you provide to your patients, so we’ve streamlined our application and placement process from beginning to end with your unique needs in mind, enabling you to start working as soon as possible. It’s this type of service that’s helped garner our stellar referral network.

Our automated application and hiring method allows you to complete the entire process online without ever having to stop by any of our locations. You can upload licenses, certifications, health records and other necessary documentation for faster review and skills evaluation on our end. Once you’ve provided this information to our therapy staffing managers, you’re already more than half way to the finish line – and that means more freedom and flexibility on your end.

And once you’re scheduled for one of the healthcare positions at a client’s medical facility, we provide the necessary resources like facility-specific orientations, clear direction on any special information you may need and more, so you can be productive from the very start of the assignment.

You’ll also appreciate the extra perks we offer. We show gratitude for the great work our therapists and therapy assistants offer through benefits that include paid time off, a 401(k) plan, direct deposit, medical and dental insurance and more. Plus, our therapy staffing agency offers one of the most responsive teams in the industry. Our professional staffing managers’ 24/7 availability to your personal success means you can reach us day or night with questions by phone, e-mail or even text messaging.

We’re ready to help you discover new healthcare employment opportunities through physical, speech and occupational therapy staffing. Submit an application online to our staffing specialists today.

"My staffing manager does a great job and I’ve found that out of all the companies I have recently worked for, she is the most dedicated to finding me work and keeping me busy even when my schedule changes at the last minute. She definitely responds to e-mail and phone calls fast and I never feel like I don't know what's going on with my work schedule."
-Stacey P.
Occupational Therapist