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About Us

Professional Healthcare Staffing

for the Rehabilitation Therapy Field

Respected Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Staffing

Headquartered in San Diego and founded in 1994, TheraStaff provides professional therapy staffing support to facilities throughout California, Colorado and Indiana. Our goal is to provide a variety of medical settings with experienced, screened and effective physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and their respective therapy assistants.

Our primary objective is to help clients’ medical facilities provide patients with the highest quality in healthcare services and to improve their quality of life. We achieve this through hand-selecting top therapists and therapy assistants for your jobs. Our people have the right skills, training, licensure, personality and abilities to make a positive impact on their work environment and their patients.

Powered by Experience

From the mid to late ‘90s, careers in rehabilitation healthcare were among the fastest growing sectors and continue to be today. Similarly in the ‘90s, acceptance of using medical staffing services began to grow. While many medical staffing organizations were focusing on the larger field of nursing, TheraStaff elected to narrow its focus to serve physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation therapy.

In 2009, TheraStaff merged with The Eastridge Group of Staffing Companies founded in 1972 by Robert Svet to become TheraStaff LLC. Eastridge is one of the nation’s largest privately held staffing companies, backed by nearly 40 years of staffing expertise and a network of colleagues adding value and depth to rehabilitation staffing services.

As a specialty division of Eastridge, clients of TheraStaff LLC have access to a multitude of workforce resources, including a sister medical staffing division that places Medical administrative support, clinicians such as physician assistants, nurses practitioners and more. Our family of staffing companies also includes a technology staffing division that’s experienced in the healthcare field, and a human resources staffing division with years of expertise in supporting the medical field.

We’re proud of the work we do and the area of medicine we support. In order to provide the very best physical, occupational, speech and physical therapy staffing services, a steadfast mission backs our agency, along with an enduring value system.

Our Mission

TheraStaff LLC’s mission is to:

  • Connect healthcare organizations with licensed and skilled professionals who specialize in patient, resident or student rehabilitation.
  • Respond quickly to the staffing needs of our medical facility clients as well as the availability of our therapy staff.
  • Facilitate, in every way possible, the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for the individuals our rehabilitation therapists treat.
Our Values

By providing opportunity and enrichment through work, TheraStaff LLC’s professional staffing team allows speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists to make a difference in the lives of others. Our value system is tried and true, and we believe in living our values through the service we provide.

Deliver Our Best: We deliver our best by doing the basics of our business superbly well. We are responsive and dedicated.

Commitment: We are committed to acting in the best interests of our clients, therapists and each other. We keep our promises.

Creativity: We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace by adding value. We are flexible in our approach with our clients, therapists and each other.

Integrity: We value fairness, honesty and respect in our relationships with clients, therapists and each other.

Communication: Our ability to live our values is dependent on open and respectful communication in all that we do.

Put your passion to work. Join our therapy staffing team and make a difference in our clients’ medical facilities, the careers of our therapists and the lives of the people they treat.

"The staffing managers at TheraStaff are some of the most responsive in the industry. My staffing manager is always so calm and pulled together. I know what this business is like and to be composed at all times is difficult. My staffing manager always makes me feel I am her only client."
-Jessica S.
National Staffing Manager